Hashamayim 1B: The role of the sons of God in structures of the nested heavens.


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As Sons of God, access to the Heavenly dimensions is our inheritance. Unfortunately, we have not been taught on such important matters by current church culture. We need to understand and mature in the ways and wisdom of God to enjoy all Christ has purchased for us! When we go into the Heavenly dimensions with a pure heart, God will begin to manifest different aspects of Heaven for us because of His great love. When God reveals the 12 Lower Kingdom Dimension of the Nested Heavens, He is saying: “I am going to give this revelation to you in the names of the sons of Jacob, so that you can understand what I am doing in the Heavens.” We should not just see things from an Earthly perspective. Through the 12 sons of Jacob, God has given us a pattern to access what He is doing in Heaven so that, when we get transported to Heaven, we know what to look for.Hashamayim 1B is the continuation of the marvelous mystery of the structure of The Nested Heavens and our birth right to enter and reign in Heaven and Earth. This is the very desire of the Father for his Sons! I know this revelation will change and bless you with a deeper intimacy, maturity and likeness – the very desire of Sons for the Father.Dr. O Hashamayim 1B has several black and white diagrams of the Heavenly Dimensions. A limited edition full colour version is available from AACTEV8 or Dr O USA conferences.

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