Journal of Divine Manifestation


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This journal is an aid to help you focus your mind on developing your desire, so that you can accelerate the manifestation of your desires.

The idea that if you spend time clarifying and honing your desire with divine intent, you can affect yourself and your environment for expansive impact.

You may use this journal as you choose. It is meant to promote self-reflection that comes out of your identity in Jesus Christ.

By reflectively interacting with your desire on the basis of your identity in Jesus Christ, you will know if your desire glorifies God or if it detracts from your relational interconnection with the LORD. However, I will suggest ways of using it from simple practises that have been helpful to me.



You are clothed in victory by the blood of the Lamb of God. You have been clothed with the clean garment of God’s righteousness.

Your name is written in the book of life. Your name is written in the book of good success. The Lord Jesus Christ confesses you before the Father and the great hosts of angels.

The Holy, True and Powerful key of David has opened for you doors of life and grace. Wipe your tears, the Lord is aware of all your labors and sacrifices.

He will increase you. He will keep His words concerning you. He will perfect that which concerns you. Your faithfulness can never be forgotten. God remembers you

He saturates you with HIs Love. Your hands are being made strong by the arm of the El Shaddai and embodened by the victorious hand of the Elohim of Jacob. You will ride the wave of victory won for you by the Son of God – Jesus Christ.

Thanks be to God who gives you the victory through the Son Jesus Christ.

I join the heavenly hosts, the Cloud of Witnesses to cheer you on. You will make it, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Hallelujah.


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