Workbook Courts of Heaven for Beginners


When you want to prepare multiple cases, you may for your own use, make multiple copies of this manual. Especially of the chapters two and three. In these chapters you will describe the injustice that has been done to you.

It is best to save your notes when you have presented your case in the heavenly courts. As the paperback describes, the writing down of the verdict is important. You are making a copy of the verdicts. It is also benificiairy to save your notes of the preparations. If you want to, you could ask advise afterwards.


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This workbook is an addition to the paperback publication of ‘Courts of Heaven for Beginners’.

You can use this manual to work on the assignments that are described in the paperback.

This manual helps you to prepare your court case and to go into the courts of heaven and

receive a verdict.

You may use this workbook to prepare and present multiple court cases. You have

permission to make copies of this workbook for personal use. The chapters 2 and 3 are useful

in particular, there you describe the injustice that has been inflicted upon you and you

present your case to the Judge.

When you have presented your case, make notes and save them. As described in the book,

the writing down of the verdict is very important. You make a valid copy on the earth for

what has been accomplished in heaven. When you find no improvement in your personal

situation after you have presented your case and received a verdict, you can use your notes

to ask advice from some else.

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