Robert Henderson

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Boek heeft zeer lichte gebruikssporen maar is verder prima in orde.


There are seven mountains which mold the culture of a city or a nation. Why does each mountain need reformation? What would the mountain look like if it were reformed by the power of God? In this unique new book, Robert Henderson deals with these questions in a creative, informed, and remarkably lucid way. If [...]


“I don’t know of any other book on healing that relates signs and wonders directly to: Apostolic Government, The Dominion Mandate, and High Level Spiritual Warfare. Apostolic Dominion Through Signs and Wonders is definitely a world-changing word from the Lord for this crucial time. From the Foreword by C. Peter Wagner Table of Contents Foreword [...]


I am convinced that the firstfruits principle will birth many kingdom businesses and propel many that are presently operating into new levels of prosperity and influence…Through firstfruits, businesses can become kingdom in nature because they are consecrated to the Lord and become holy unto Him. -from Consecrated Business by Robert Henderson Table of Contents Introduction [...]


God is zeer betrokken bij het verwezenlijken van jouw bestemming. Er zijn zelfs boeken in de hemel waarin jouw opdracht en bestemming beschreven staan. Dit boek beschrijft de essentie van jouw bestaan op de aarde. Toch vindt er een strijd plaats om jou te hinderen in het uitvoeren van jouw opdracht. Jouw tegenstander, de duivel, [...]