Dr. Ogbonnaya

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Many of us have read the famous Psalm 23 as a Psalm of comfort and support in our hour of need, when we sought the closeness of God in a time of emotional distress. Operating in Abundance has however been written from a different perspective. What would happen if you could read this Psalm as [...]


Jesus was not just the Saviour of humanity but also the teacher – the one God anointed to bring truth to the Earth so we can truly live again!In the life of Jesus Christ there are a few pivotal moments when He gave His foundational teachings. The message of The Beatitudes is one of these [...]


In September of 1970, on the way to a farm, I began to say the Lord’s Prayer. “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” As these lines flowed from my lips, I knew something was happening to me. [...]


The intersection of time and eternality was a well-known theme in the ancient world. All spiritual and social activities were located within the framework of time and it was considered to be the conducting line for the manifestation of other realms into the human realms. They can also be called apertures for capturing and holding [...]


If a believer is born from above, is it not logical then that the believer should return there as often as he or she desires or is able? If the believer is seated in the heavenlies, does it not call forth a need to understand what the heavens looks like? I began very early in [...]


As Sons of God, access to the Heavenly dimensions is our inheritance. Unfortunately, we have not been taught on such important matters by current church culture. We need to understand and mature in the ways and wisdom of God to enjoy all Christ has purchased for us! When we go into the Heavenly dimensions with [...]


In Christos Soma: The Seven Transmutational Powers of the Emergent Ecclesia, Dr. Ogbonnaya decodes the deep levels of mystery hidden in the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches in the book of Revelation. By Bringing together heavenly revelation with sources of wisdom ready by scholars throughout the centuries, Christos Soma, meaning the body of Christ, [...]


See God’s Word Through African Eyes. The Africa Study Bible brings together 350 contributors from over 50 countries, providing a unique African perspective. It’s an all-in-one course in biblical content, theology, history, and culture, with special attention to the African context. Each feature was planned by African leaders to help readers grow strong in Jesus Christ by providing understanding and instruction on how to live a good and righteous life: