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Dit geweldige verslag over de daden van God in Argentinie is in prima staat.


If God ever became ”homesick” for any of the houses of worship on earth, which ones would they include? What events would provoke the eternal mind of God to consider a particular Church His favorite? Mankind seeks God encounters at ”God’s house,” but God seeks people encounters–at what He calls ”man’s house.” Remember the names? [...]


Een ommekeer in het denken van de kerk. Dat is wat Hector Torres in zijn boek beschrijft. De openbaring van de vijfvoudige bediening zet vele gelovigen vrij om te functioneren in het lichaam van Christus.Het boek verkeerd in nieuwstaat.


Dit boek verkeert in nieuwstaat, slechts een kleine rimpel in de rug.


Just as all of creation speaks of our Creator, the study of Revelation s gemstone wall can reveal important truths needed for our journey towards spiritual maturity in the kingdom of God. Each of the twelve stones represent twelve very distinct areas of focus of which God may be addressing in our lives as we [...]


Dit boek gaat over de eindtijd. Maar ook over welke rol Israël en welke rol de Islam in het eindtijdgebeuren spelen. Als we spreken over de eindtijd zitten we onmiddellijk met een probleem. Want Petrus riep al een kleine 2000 jaar geleden ”Het eind van alle dingen is nabijgekomen” (1 Petrus 4:7). Wat verstaan we [...]


Boek heeft markering met gele stift en aantekeningen.


Boek ziet er prima uit, een paar lichte gebruikssporen op de kaft.


Your Key to Unlocking a Supernatural Lifestyle Many Christians believe in miracles, but they are not accessing the supernatural as a normal way of life. Is this you? Are you ready to experience the miraculous lifestyle that Jesus made available to you because of the Cross? In this dynamic DVD study, Pastor Bill Johnson delivers [...]


Through years of personal experiences and witnessing supernatural healings, the author offers keys to living naturally supernatural. This book is an invaluable resource for those pursuing a life beyond the ordinary. Each page will release an impartation propelling you to the next levels as a world-changer revivalist. Leak Him Out to People Around You! With [...]


Een mind changing book van C. Peter Wagner. Alleen geschikt voor mensen met een open mind. Boek is in goede staat.


Boek is in redelijk tot matige conditie. Er zijn vochtvlekken aan de boven zijde van het boek.


There are seven mountains which mold the culture of a city or a nation. Why does each mountain need reformation? What would the mountain look like if it were reformed by the power of God? In this unique new book, Robert Henderson deals with these questions in a creative, informed, and remarkably lucid way. If [...]


“I don’t know of any other book on healing that relates signs and wonders directly to: Apostolic Government, The Dominion Mandate, and High Level Spiritual Warfare. Apostolic Dominion Through Signs and Wonders is definitely a world-changing word from the Lord for this crucial time. From the Foreword by C. Peter Wagner Table of Contents Foreword [...]


I am convinced that the firstfruits principle will birth many kingdom businesses and propel many that are presently operating into new levels of prosperity and influence…Through firstfruits, businesses can become kingdom in nature because they are consecrated to the Lord and become holy unto Him. -from Consecrated Business by Robert Henderson Table of Contents Introduction [...]


Dit boek is in uitstekende staat.


Boek is in goede staat, enige lichte gebruikssporen op de kaft.